Bad News: Exercise is NOT Enough to Lose Your Menopause Belly

But You Don’t Need Another DIET

If You’re Serious About Looking & Feeling Better…
You Need to Look at Nutrition in a NEW WAY

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It’s time to learn to eat mindfully.

Understanding yourself, including your triggers and habits is the key to LASTING change.

Education drives nutritional compliance because, once you know – YOU KNOW!

Finally a program that creates long-term results through habit and behavior change, NOT restrictive dieting.

Enter: Shawna K Nutrition

What the program is…
  • This is a group coaching & accountability program designed to help you improve your habits, because when habits improve outcomes improve.
  • Clients are supported with a personalized nutrition plan & held accountable with other healthy habits that will bring about sustainable change.
  • The goal of the program is to educate & empower you to be able to make healthy eating choices based on your personal goals while in the program, but more importantly, once you graduate.
  • We do this by connecting the dots between your behaviors, how you feel & your results.
What the program isn’t…
  • Shawna K Nutrition is NOT a diet.
  • It’s NOT a meal plan or restrictive eating plan.
  • No foods are off limit.
  • There is NO food shaming or guilt.

*Food is neutral, there are only good investment foods & poor investment foods – the goal is to learn the difference & build habits so that good investment foods are chosen more often.*

Pillars of the Program

  • 1 Accountability – This is achieved through a custom app for daily check ins. This reinforces habits & increases awareness. Women are famous for doing things for others, when you know a coach is watching your every move, your adherence to healthy habits improves!
  • 2 Food Tracking – The big benefit of food tracking is that it helps you discover how your daily calories are being ‘spent’. What gets measured improves. Food tracking is a temporary educational tool that helps you connects the dots between intake & results.
  • 3 Personalized Nutrition – Together we’ll determine exactly what quantities of what foods you need to eat to get the results you want. Sometimes this means going into a slight calorie deficit, sometimes this means eating more to spark your metabolism. No matter what it looks like, it’s CUSTOMIZED for your specific needs where you’ll be eating the MOST calories at all times.
  • 4 Group Support – You won’t be going it alone. You’ll harness the power of the group to support you through the ups and downs of the journey with weekly meetings and a group chat with like-minded women.

Shawna K Nutrition is a deep dive into your own personal lifestyle. I hold a mirror up to your food choices & habits (with NO judgement) so you can decide what healthy changes to adopt.

It’s a science-based program with NO gimmicks, pills, powders or potions. There are NO required supplements to purchase.

This is ‘un-sexy education’ – because you’ve likely fallen for all the fads before and you never want to fall for those or go on a ‘diet’ again.

If you’re ready to say YES to finally achieving your goal body composition & feel your best join Shawna K Nutrition now.

There is NO minimum time commitment in the program, cancel anytime with a simple email.

The program is a weekly charge of ONLY $35.99/week.

Rather than doing the math of what the program costs, consider what NOT doing the program costs…

If you’re sick of:
  • ‘growing’ out of your clothes
  • undressing in the dark
  • avoiding a bathing suit
  • not having the confidence you’d like

Your time is non-refundable. Every minute you delay is putting off feeling your best.

Other women, just like you have experienced success when NOTHING ELSE WORKED!
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