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Struggling with stubborn hormonal belly fat and frustrated with lack of results, no matter what diet and exercise plan you try?

Are you eating and exercising the same, but you just can't lose an ounce?

Did You Know That Stubborn Belly Fat is the #1 Menopausal Symptom?

It turns out that abdominal fat, or ‘menopause belly’, is the number one complaint and most annoying menopausal symptom among women ages 38 to 65.

And as a woman in your forties (and beyond), you may have tried it all.

You know quick fixes don't work and you know that there’s NO magic pill, powder or potion to weight loss success.

So what now?

Giving up just isn’t an option, but neither is another low-calorie metabolism & spirit crushing diet plan…

Maybe you’re like Lauren…

She felt like giving up. She had a torn Achilles tendon so couldn’t workout, it was Covid so she was working from home getting less movement in where she had free access to the fridge 24/7.

Her weight was STUCK but she was determined to drop the pounds that had been adding up during menopause.

Her progress seemed non-existent some weeks but she consistently applied the information in the Academy. Take a look at her now:

How about Judy?

Maybe you can relate to her story? She found herself feeling frumpy and depressed until she finally gained the knowledge and confidence to lose the weight, all while eating her favorite foods.

How about Judy?

Maybe you can relate to her story? She found herself feeling frumpy and depressed until she finally gained the knowledge and confidence to lose the weight, all while eating her favorite foods.

Or maybe you’re like Helen?

She spent her time taking care of others while putting herself on the backburner. Gaining nutritional knowledge (and adding a bit of reasonable exercise), helped Helen transform her physique.

And these women aren’t the only ones that have used the information in the Academy to finally feel in control of what otherwise seemed like a losing battle with weight. Here’s what people are saying about the Academy…

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So What Exactly is the Shawna K Nutrition Academy?

The Academy is a one stop library full of strategies and informational resources that I use with my one on one clients to achieve weight loss success.


In the Academy you will find:

Practical & actionable information to achieve your ideal weight

Short digestible videos so you can fit learning necessary nutritional strategies and principles into your busy schedule easily

Pdf resources for download to further support your understanding

Opportunity to get a personalized nutrition plan (included with purchase)

Lifetime access

It is the only habits-based program that teaches you how to consistently implement nutrition & mindset strategies so you finally achieve your ideal weight.

I know what you’re thinking: Not another diet…
This is NOT a diet, in fact, it’s the ‘anti-diet’.
The goal of the program is to provide the information you need to finally achieve your ideal weight.
You'll learn exactly what you need to know to lose the weight & keep it off while eating the foods you enjoy, without starvation diets, long workouts, scams, pills, powders or potions.
You get lifetime access and modules will continue to be added over time. As well, it’s the ONLY gateway to working with me one on one or in a group coaching program.

Who Am I & Why Would You Want to Work with Me Anyways?


I’m Shawna Kaminski and I’ve been in the health and fitness business for 40 years.

I never thought that my age would be one of the greatest assets to helping you achieve your ideal weight, but it truly is because I’m in the trenches with you. Not only have I experienced the annoying symptoms of menopause, I have managed my weight throughout the process AND I’ve helped hundreds of other women do the same.

I’m a teacher at heart, having taught school for 20 years and I owned a gym for another 17 years so I have a LOT of real-life experience under my belt.

Currently I coach fitness and nutritional online through both individual and group programs.

I’m passionate about helping YOU achieve the healthiest version of yourself.

Get the Best Version of You Back

Here are some of the life-changing benefits you can look forward to:

• Increased energy.

• Feeling lighter.

• Elimination of belly bloat.

• Decrease in abdominal fat.

• Weight loss (if needed).

• Elimination of annoying cravings.

• Clearer thinking.

• Increased self-confidence.

• Rejuvenated libido.

• Improved sleep.

• Reduced hot flashes, and other hormonal symptoms.

• A greater sense of overall well-being and a happier outlook.

• Feeling and looking younger.

So, if you’re ready to finally ditch the diets and learn how to eat real food to achieve your ideal weight, the Nutrition Academy is ready for YOU.

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